• Why Autobin?

    Autobin is a long established brand and we are that confident in the build quality that we have no issues in offering a 10 Year no-quibble warrenty on ALL our bins.


    Not only do we do the very best quality automatic motion sensor bins, we can proudly say that we have the best prices also! Here is a comparison with our main competitors using a 50L as an example:

    Brabantia 50L Sensor bin: £142.80

    Simple Human 50L Sensor bin: £149.99

    Wesco Pushboy 50L (Touch not Sensor): £129.95

    Autobin 50L: £109.95

  • Commercial & Residential

    The Autobin is a revolution bringing style, innovation and hygiene to people's homes and the commercial world alike! Impress your dinner guests or impress your customers. Stainless steel stylish looking bins have been around a long time but we have troubleshooted the issue of hygiene where bins are concerned and bring you the AutoBin! For homes, eating establishments, surgeries, anywhere that you need a waste bin!


  • A Kitchen Bin For Life!

    All AutoBins have a 10 Year no quibble warranty (T's & C's apply). Outside of that, you can replace every part of your bin! We have replacement heads, batteries, battery covers & bag retaining rings for whatever style of AutoBin you purchase. Why buy an entire new product when you can just get the part you need? Now that is peace of mind!